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15 October 2006


nobody girl

Have you ever read Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner? The part in your post about fitting in with the moms reminded me of that.

I don't have kids, but I imagine when I do, I'll be the same way at first. If I let it, anything can feel like high school again. Example, I used to try to fit in at work with one "pretty, popular girl" in particular. Then I realized she was fake, self-absorbed and boring (not generalizing, but she definitely fit this description), so now I have to dodge her in the office. Ugh.

Liking the blog, by the way, looks like you'll have 5 readers now. :)

knotty grrl

Glad to have you ng! I think you actually are # 5 lest you think I jest! have this corner of the internet all to myself. :oP

I was actually looking at that book cover the other day but I had both kids at the time and perusing books just isn't an option at those times! I'll have to check it out, thanks for the recommendation!

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