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21 September 2006



Hi Sabrina, I'm mompoet from Carol's Friendly Marching Band. Even though Carol's on sabbatical, I'm trying to visit a few of her blogroll sites every Friday. It sounds like you are balancing a lot of cares and responsibilities. I hope the "head doctor" stuff turns out okay. We went through that with our own "Bean" a few years ago. He's 16 now and no diagnosis or label could ever have told us what hard work and total pride and joy his life would turn out to be for us. Keep the faith in yourself and the the universe. It will all be okay.

knotty grrl

Thanks mp. I am just trying to keep in mind that my son has a diagnosis and it's not that a diagnosis is my son. I think I'll be okay and I know that he will be because he's a fantastic kid!

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